Sensible Sounds Of Men

by Fell To Low

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REACT! Records 026


released September 17, 2011


tags: punk Ojai


all rights reserved


Fell To Low Ojai, California

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Track Name: Brandon Gama
look for the sun
look for the picture
wait for sleep

wait for the light but the hands aren't moving at all
stare at the image til the colors bleed into the wall
slave for sleep but the eyelids just won't fall

no time
no space
no hands
no face
stare blank
Track Name: Sartoris
cuff you one feel my tradition reckon you in its dying repetition
lay you out true to my kind next one down in your bled out blood line

bound to an ancestry bound to follow lest something lead you astray
young fostered under code not too cryptic as to not clearly convey
when no to raise your head and where no to tread

sleep is finally come you who've waked so long
you built your throne on them your foundation's gone

[let it lead you astray]

cover the bloom you wore
with the strange new soil in the town where you were born
three feet down you can't tell
the scent of a horse and a courage you knew so well

no bloody moon