Half A Boy's Life

by Fell To Low

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Photobooth Records 013


released June 4, 2013


tags: punk Ojai


all rights reserved


Fell To Low Ojai, California

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Track Name: Serpentine
I'm off
find lock in a familiar vein

the chamber was still and cold
but a spark impels a perpetual force
that feeds itself and sets in course
a writhing circuit

all the shiny spinning rings
all the dirty spitting things

there's an absurd strength in the coil that grates itself
into a slag of black and impossible dregs for me to
grind fine in my mind

cut through space like the dead tongue fiends for a crowd to address
and in searching find them to be deaf
you've forgotten the machine running all your spirals for you
but recall and find you can progress

straight line

wind me up find me idle
set me inside close the channel
following traces tracks on the ground
someone's been around // tracks I laid down

find me idle cut me a straight line
Track Name: Proto
you've cut your teeth on all that has been seething
since infancy self compelled to leave the floor
master of all that's come before

you've cut your teeth on all that has been seething
keeping time with a gait you've made your own
your efforts deserving of song

you've cut your teeth on all that has been seething
and nothing's wrong

you've cut your teeth we can all see them gleaming
we know the glow we recognize the brilliant light

all you see is all you know
you didn't miss what didn't show

defined by your grin
teeth in the dark you put your trust in

stay from reeling stay from foreign feeling
stay from reeling wisdom with closed eyes
heedless in a guise

and when the trial hits our vision's tested
we'll look to find the gleaming bite
we'll know the glow we'll recognize the light

stay from reeling thinking twice of what you know
you see you know

looking forward always beats looking around